The Project

Project Overview

Three WPs (WP1, WP2, WP7) focus on improving the genetic diagnosis of all known and new NCL forms, in order to support early diagnosis and prevention of these disorders. Three WPs (WP3, WP4, WP5), demonstrate how the transfer of clinical research on natural disease courses and the clinical spectrum of NCLs (WP3) has a direct impact on basic research projects, focussing on the identification of modifiers and biomarkers for NCL diseases. This approach will lead to the identification of therapeutic targets for experimental therapies. One large, very important WP (WP6) solely focusses on the development of experimental therapies for NCLs. The goal of WP7 is to identify new NCL genes, as it is clear from current family studies, and animal models for NCL, that these must exist. WP8 will work on the dissemination of scientific results gained from the DEM-CHILD project. WP9 has the objective to ensure the proper scientific management of the project


Pert chart
Pert chart illustrating the interdependencies of the different work packages